Hi, I am John Slifko, Co-Director of the Roosevelt Center for the Study of Civil Society

John Slifko's Bio:

John Slifko is the Founder and Co-Director of the Roosevelt Center for the Study of Civil Society and Freemasonry. This group exists to provide a singular body for those interested in academic research on the relationship between Freemasonry and the wider civil society. John Slifko’s own research pursuits involve the intersection of Freemasonry and early American journalism and gender studies, as well comparative studies involving Freemasonry on each continent historically and contemporaneously. 

During the 2012 academic year, John Slifko presented multiple papers on various topics related to the Freemasons. In the French publication Dictionnaire prosopographique: Le Monde maçonnique des Lumières, Mr. Slifko published a paper examining the influences on early American society of a number of printer-journalist Freemasons, including a female Freemason. In another French academic publication, La Pensee et Les Hommes, Mr. Slifko presented a journal article for publication focusing on the increased role of women within the Freemasons. 

Through his affiliation with the Roosevelt Center, John Slifko presented a paper exploring the role of the Freemasons during the American Revolution as part of a larger symposium of Masonic academic research. In 2011, Mr. Slifko also attended the 3rd International Conference of the History of Freemasonry, held in Washington, D.C., delivering a lecture based on his paper “Laying of the Cornerstone Ceremonies in Early America: The Semiotics of Affect, Action and Cognition in Embodied Ritual Performance.” 

As an expert in the emerging academic field of Masonic history, John Slifko's work with the Roosevelt Center affords him the opportunity to further plan and implement an ongoing lecture series in California involving a range of scholars and Freemasons, to develop the infrastructure and raise funds for a future scholarly journal on Freemasonry and Civil Society, and to foster a travel grant budget for students and faculty interested in increasing the knowledge base of the history of civil society and the Freemasons.  

John Slifko's Experience:

  • Former Congressional Staff Member at United States Congress

    Field Representative and Legislative Assistant working on electric vehicles and fuel cells

  • Urban Planner at Los Angeles City Council

    Special Assistant on Planning for Los Angeles International Airport, LAX

John Slifko's Education:

  • UCLA

    Concentration: Urban Planning and Environmental Studies
    Activities: Director of Elections for Graduate Student Association
  • San Francisco States University

    Concentration: Urban Planning and Geography
    Activities: Editor, Urban Action

John Slifko's Interests & Activities:

democratic studies, civics, women's studies,bio-semiotics, archaeoastronomy, spatial studies and just plain old relaxing in nature under a tree